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My Dissertation:

I’m writing my dissertation on the American schoolgirl in narratives about democracy and cultural citizenship. I explore literary and historical examples that track the relationship between the schoolgirl and sentimentality, arguing that because of that because of the temporal nature of girlhood narratives, highlighted by both the sentimentality about girlhood and the considerable attention given to studying when adolescence begins in girls over the Twentieth Century, girlhood narratives are actually important stories for considering changes in modern American citizenship. Traditionally, the bildungsroman has been considered the model for citizenship narratives, as the young protagonist’s coming-of-age represents lessons necessary for becoming a good citizen. I assert that the frauenroman and the limitations imposed on its protagonists are important markers for changes in cultural citizenship in Twentieth Century America.  By using the work of feminist scholars such as Lauren Berlant, Sara Ahmed, and Wendy S. Hesford, I further assert that the link between sentimentality and belonging in girlhood narratives is critical in understanding the ways that the symbolic use of girls limits their real-life agency by situating them out of time with modernity, either as links to the past or a “waiting for something to happen.” Therefore, the schoolgirl, an important “sister” to the Modern Girl, challenges conservative notions of girls’ agency and belonging while also highlighting the gaps in American models of citizenship concealed by sentimentality. In my chapters I focus on immigrant and Native American education at the turn of the Twentieth Century, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ruby Bridges, and international human rights campaigns to support girls’ education in the Global South including Girl Rising, and the work of Malala Yousafzai.


Dissertation Pinspiration

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General Theory:

Imagined Communities

No Future: Queer Theory and the Death Drive

Timeline: U.S. Citizenship Law


The Modern Girl:

The Modern Girl Around the World


Cheap Amusements

American Narratives: Multiethnic Writing in the Age of Realism.

Immigration and Americanization (Early 20th C)

Boarding School Stories:

Carlisle Indian Industrial School Research Pages

The Third Space of Sovereignty: The Post-colonial Politics of U.S.-Indigenous Relations

American Narratives: Multiethnic Writing in the Age of Realism.

Schooling and Citizenship

Civil Rights Era:

Race and Representation

Human Rights Rhetorics:

Feminism Without Borders

Inclusive Feminism

Girl Rising: Collaboration, Education, and Beautiful Storytelling

Gender Matters: Girl Up and Inclusive Feminism

Bring Back Our Girls and the “Politics of Pity”

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