Queer in the Choir Room: Essays on Gender and Sexuality in Glee and Lots of Rachel Gifs

I’m kind of scared of the Google traffic on this one. Anyway, I got news today that Queer in the Choir Room: Essays on Gender and Sexuality in Glee is coming out from McFarland this Fall. Amazon has it down as a November release. Yay! My essay, “Gold Stars and Slushies: The High Cost for Overachieving … Continue reading

Faberry: Further Questions

Last week I finished a chapter on the portrayal of high-achieving girls and women on Glee, focusing mostly on Rachel Berry, but also considering Sue, Beiste, Emma, Terri, and Quinn. I wish I had revised it about, oh, six more times. It was a major case of having more that I wanted to say than … Continue reading

Glee “Goodbye”: So this is love

Did anyone really doubt that Rachel would be headed to New York? What I was surprised by was that she is going alone (in a red pillbox hat, no less). As I watched the emotional scene between Rachel and Finn before she boards the train, I kept thinking two things 1) THIS SUCKS! and 2) … Continue reading

Choke, Prom-asaurus, & the Importance of Failure

“‎You are a star, Rachel Berry, and in just two day’s time from now you are going to shine so bright on that stage that the sun is gonna cry with envy.” Last week’s “Choke” episode of Glee  was just stunning. Between Puck’s emotions about his father and Coach Beiste’s struggle with domestic violence, the … Continue reading