How Being A Grad Student is Like Being A Saint

How Being a Grad Student is Like Being a Saint Particularly in the humanities and in no particular order: 1. Poor. You are poor because you are doing something you love that a lot of people don’t value. 2. You sacrifice your well-being for the growth and enlightenment of others. This is called teaching on … Continue reading

Stress and the Writing Process

Tonight I’m taking a break and indulging in some R&R, basking in the satisfaction of having turned in my approved dissertation prospectus and edits on an article. But just yesterday I was in a stressful, ugly place with my writing and with myself. It’s lead me to think about how I approach my to-do lists … Continue reading

ABD: I did it!

Who’s ABD? After all the hard work I put in and all the pep talks from Megan and Julio, I’d like to think that I walked out like: But it was actually like: Now, onward to the dissertation prospectus! (Also, reading some things for fun.) In all seriousness, this was a really valuable process for … Continue reading

Rory, Do.G.

Three years ago today, I picked up my dog Rory. It’s our dog-a-versary, if you will. I often joke that Rory is getting her Ph.D. in Puppyhood Studies with an emphasis on breed and a cognate in squeak toys. She’s a high-strung little muppet and sometimes a hassle, but I can’t quantify how much she … Continue reading

It’s that time of semester!

So much reading and writing to do in so little time. Four and a half weeks of the semester left and I have two conferences in that time too. But some more light-hearted posts will return to Ph.D.s and Pigtails this weekend and then when the semester breaks, lots and lots of book reviews and … Continue reading