When People Pull a Lugubrious Face

We have a problem. We need everyone to be part of the solution.  This week, I’ve been reminded of my favorite line from Go Set a Watchman, which I wrote about in my dissertation: “As I sit here and breathe, I never thought the good God would let me live to see someone walk into … Continue reading

When the Ceiling Doesn’t Shatter

Last night, my husband held me while I wept, realizing that we were not electing our first female president. Instead, we were elevating the unqualified playground bully to the highest elected office in our country. This morning, I woke up with that nagging feeling that I can’t actually be whatever I set my mind to. … Continue reading

The Trouble With Writing While Female

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
A few months ago, I was walking around my neighborhood when I ran into two young men with whom I went to college. I hadn’t seen them since they had graduated the year before I did, but we were — or had at some point been — Facebook friends, and…