We did it!

Greta, Alyssa, José, and I graduated with out PhDs on August 12. I defended my dissertation in May, and am so thankful to my committee, and especially my chair, Anita, for their help and support along the way. Thanks to you, too, for reading along. You can call me Dr. Kasey now, if you want … Continue reading

The Trouble With Writing While Female

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
A few months ago, I was walking around my neighborhood when I ran into two young men with whom I went to college. I hadn’t seen them since they had graduated the year before I did, but we were — or had at some point been — Facebook friends, and…

Feminism is Optimism

While I think Sara Ahmed’s argument about feminist killjoys and the necessity to “kill joy” if that means calling out sexist, racist etc. statements and actions is incredibly important, I find that this blog resonates so well with me too. I don’t think it’s an either/or situation. Feminists “kill joy” to help open other, freer … Continue reading