Watchin’ the Detectives

I could use some of Veronica’s “pixie spy magic” this week. Wait. Let’s think positively. I have pixie spy magic this week. (I think I can. I think I can.) In the morning I head to Boston, MA with a rag-tag band of colleagues for the Popular Culture Association national conference. I am excited because … Continue reading

I Don’t Really Like Katniss Everdeen

For a couple years, I’ve been hearing that I should read The Hunger Games Trilogy. These suggestions from friends, conference attendees, and students were always prompted by a discussion of my work on The Twilight Saga. Having read The Hunger Games, it became pretty clear to me that the suggestions were in hopes of showing … Continue reading

DirecTV Ad: Aggression = Undesirables

I’m home this weekend, which means that I got to watch Thursday night shows on my parents’ big screen instead of on Hulu the next day. (On that note, reruns already, ABC? Come on.) Watching real TV means more commercials, like this one: At first I thought, okay, good. We don’t need to be teaching … Continue reading