Comps Notes: And So It Begins

I spent so much of today at my desk that when I took Rory out just now, not only was I surprised that it was snowing, it had snowed enough that someone made a snowman. I start the written part of my PhD exam in the morning.* Naturally, I feel like crying and demolished a … Continue reading

Bundle Up in the Historic Cold

As I heard someone else say, “What in the name of Queen Elsa is going on!?” In case you are visiting from Mars and haven’t heard, it’s the coldest it’s been in the U.S. in 20 years. Welcome to the Polar Vortex. {Your soundtrack is below.} I spent a large portion of yesterday afternoon prepping … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution: Simplify

I’m really amped for 2014. It’s a year of celebrations for me. I’m in three weddings in the first half of the year. Two of my best friends and my brother are getting married, so there’s all the celebrating that goes along with that. I also have my own celebrations (ABD–crosses fingers) coming this year. … Continue reading

Catching Up, Conferences and All

I’m obviously having trouble keeping up with blogging this semester. I’m teaching two courses, which means a lot of grading and responding to student emails and work. Plus, even though I always tell myself I’m not going to, I take up their drafts and give them feedback–so I’m really grading every paper twice. Times 44. … Continue reading

Comps Rationale Word Clouds

I’m working on a final-final(?) draft of my rationale and I thought it would be interesting to do some word clouds. Here’s my primary list, Long Twentieth Century Multi-ethnic American Literature: Here’s the devised field, Transnational Feminism and Girlhood:

Back to School and Anxiety. Yay!

Hi, all. Blog posts this summer were much lighter than I thought they would be. That, however, is not indicative of how productive my summer was. I actually accomplished quite a bit. My reading list rationale is close to ready for submission. I wrote a chapter for an edited collection with a friend, I revised … Continue reading

Rory, Do.G.

Three years ago today, I picked up my dog Rory. It’s our dog-a-versary, if you will. I often joke that Rory is getting her Ph.D. in Puppyhood Studies with an emphasis on breed and a cognate in squeak toys. She’s a high-strung little muppet and sometimes a hassle, but I can’t quantify how much she … Continue reading

A Comps Contract with Myself

I’m studying for my comprehensive exams, which will hopefully take place in December <fingers crossed>. My area of concentration is Long Twentieth Century Multi-ethnic American Literature (1890-2010) and my special topic is Transnational Feminism, with an emphasis on girlhood. I did my M.A. here and went with the exam option rather than a thesis, because … Continue reading

Conference Wrap-ups

In April, I went to two conferences and presented on two different projects that I’m passionate about. I got some great feedback on both projects, or during the process of writing/presenting/answering questions I realized some venues for further research and writing. At the Roundtable of Latina Feminisms, I presented about literary depictions of girlhood in … Continue reading