Lest We Take Education for Granted: Malala Yousufzai

Because I’m that kind of obnoxious pacifist, Dead Poet’s Society-wannabe grad student and I teach at a university where my students mostly come from sheltered, privileged backgrounds (which I identify with, so I get it), once a semester as we dig into cultural analysis or public discourse, I like to talk about the places of … Continue reading

#SaveBFF on NBC

So, blissfully naive enough to hope that NBC might give Best Friends Forever half a chance, despite scheduling it to premiere mid-season, I recruited many of my real-life best buddies to watch the show and text messaged back and forth with my BFF, Emily, about the episodes each week. I promised strangers cupcakes if they … Continue reading

Unacceptable, Maxim

For the record, things like this are why I’m concerned: And, no, I don’t think most little girls are picking up Maxim. But teen girls might. And teen boys probably do. And these types of images and ideologies might be intended as a joke, but when it comes to how my culture treats and depicts … Continue reading