Stop Your Scroll And…

I have been surprised by how much my time as a stay-at-home mother reminds me of my summers in graduate school. Each day feels sprawlingly long, with hour after hour of things to do, but no adults to talk to. I love alone time, so the solitude of this period suits me. I wouldn’t change … Continue reading

Wrapping Up 2020 and 2021 Goals

Time to wrap up 2020! (and throw it in the garbage) Actually, 2020 has not been a totally bad year for me personally. Julio and I moved into our house, had a baby, and started a small business. So, we had several big, joyous events, but being in our family’s little bubble did not shield … Continue reading

How to Keep a Notebook

Keeping a notebook, a journal, a diary has been important to me for as long as I can remember, I think because, although it does not look good on paper, I am very important to me. My relationship with myself has easily been the most challenging—learning to control myself, finding the depths of my lows … Continue reading

My Favorite Zero Waste Swaps of 2018

  Last year was the year that I intentionally went cruelty-free in our household. This year, I focused on making swaps geared toward reducing our waste. Here are some of my favorite swaps we made this year. For 2019, the goal is to keep it up and switch our wornout plastic food containers with glass. … Continue reading