Behold the Glory of “The Camp Gyno” Ad.

I feel that no analysis is necessary to explain how badass this is. “It’s like Santa. For your Vagina!” Thanks, not only for the awesome video about girls and menarche, but also for a tricked-out way to welcome girls to womanhood.

Response to Bright Young Things Backlash

I’ve been waiting for this since Monday, actually. Jezebel has weighed in on the Bright Young Things backlash: “The Right Wing Disinformation Campaign Against Victoria’s Secret” All week, I’ve also grown increasingly antsy about how the discussion of the story got more and more hyperbolic and the age of the girls discussed dropped from teens … Continue reading

Bare Escentuals Force of (Real?) Beauty

Recently I had one of those “what  the what am I doing to myself?” moments in my “beauty” regimen. It starts with the sad fact that I hate my skin. It is a problem well-known enough that my little sister picks on me about it. There is nothing quite as embarrassing as being bullied by … Continue reading

DirecTV Ad: Aggression = Undesirables

I’m home this weekend, which means that I got to watch Thursday night shows on my parents’ big screen instead of on Hulu the next day. (On that note, reruns already, ABC? Come on.) Watching real TV means more commercials, like this one: At first I thought, okay, good. We don’t need to be teaching … Continue reading