Boy Meets World Slam Poem

Just as I was trying to pick myself up from the HIMYM finale, this emerged. As a person who was a kid in the ’90s, Boy Meets World holds a special place in my heart. Topanga was up there with Clarissa Darling, Blossom, and Punky Brewster on my list of girlhood role models, and this just could not be better or stranger.

One thought on “Boy Meets World Slam Poem

  1. That clip was absolutely great. I was a huge fan of the show and had the worst kind of crush on Danielle Fishel. But the point of the comment is that I watched the final HIMYM episode off the dvr and just happen to catch that Tonight Show episode as it was airing. Took my mind off being kinda let down by HIMYM. Sam Jackson is awesome as it is and he did a great job.

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