Don’t Trust the B– Therapy: Episodes for 5 Struggles

Don’t Trust the B– in Apartment 23 is like my security blanket. It’s weird and immature, but it makes me feel better. When I can’t sleep at night or when something is bothering me, I put on an episode and it soothes me. In case you missed this gone-too-soon comedy, you can catch it on … Continue reading

Stress and the Writing Process

Tonight I’m taking a break and indulging in some R&R, basking in the satisfaction of having turned in my approved dissertation prospectus and edits on an article. But just yesterday I was in a stressful, ugly place with my writing and with myself. It’s lead me to think about how I approach my to-do lists … Continue reading

Geena Davis at Miami, on Gender and Media

This week Miami is having a Women in Leadership Symposium, “Making Our Mark.” The keynote speaker is Geena Davis, so you can bet I jumped all over that registration.  In my work on the representation of girls and women in literature and other media, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media has been such … Continue reading

Boy Meets World Slam Poem

Just as I was trying to pick myself up from the HIMYM finale, this emerged. As a person who was a kid in the ’90s, Boy Meets World holds a special place in my heart. Topanga was up there with Clarissa Darling, Blossom, and Punky Brewster on my list of girlhood role models, and this … Continue reading