Comps Notes: Modes of Feminism

Transnational Feminism  seeks to create feminist solidarity across national and cultural borders in order to fight systems of oppression, but without losing cultural and historical specificity. It promotes an understanding that gender is socially constructed and does not function in isolation from other identities such as race, ethnicity, religion, class, nation, or sexual orientation. Therefore, … Continue reading

Comps Notes: Poetry

I really like poetry, but it’s something that I have a hard time speaking about sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I can gloss a sonnet pretty well, but once you get to the more recent, modern developments it’s much, much harder for me. On my reading list, I have works by 15 poets. In this … Continue reading

Comps Notes: Speaking Citizenship

One of the recurring themes I’ve noticed in the texts on my reading list is an emphasis on speech as a way to think about belonging or alienation. In my list, I’m engaging with portrayals of cultural citizenship, and I didn’t purposely anticipate the way that speech would represent that, but it’s something I was … Continue reading