Comps Notes: And So It Begins

I spent so much of today at my desk that when I took Rory out just now, not only was I surprised that it was snowing, it had snowed enough that someone made a snowman.

I start the written part of my PhD exam in the morning.* Naturally, I feel like crying and demolished a half a pint of peppermint stick ice cream. I know I can do this. But it’s super intimidating. I have many more blogs and summaries that are in the works to prep for the defense, but in the meantime I will be hermited away, writing furiously for the next week.  Here are some images to give you an idea of what that will be like:


The 27 Most Relatable Jessica Day Quotes

Fortunately, there were enough spots open in the faculty writing bootcamp that I erroneously RSVPed for a while back that they let me in. So for a few days I will have a relatively distraction free place and a buffet of carbs at my disposal.

*In case you are joining me from someplace that isn’t my institution of higher learning, my comps come in two parts. The written part, in which I write a full-fledged essay on a question supplied by my committee about my Special Topic (Transnational Feminism and Girlhood). I turn that in a week from tomorrow and then have another week to study and recover. Then I have the oral defense, a three hour session in which I answer any questions my committee of five professors have about my essay and about my primary field (long-20th century multi-ethnic American literature). If I pass, I will be ABD–All But Dissertation– a title that used to mean a lot more, but now means that all I have left is my dissertation and I can go on the job market when I’m ready.

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