Girls and Education Prezi

spectacular rhetoricsOne of my colleagues invited me to lead a discussion in her WGS 201 (Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies) class this morning. It was a great opportunity to talk to undergrads about the research I do and have a discussion with them about education and girlhood studies. Here’s my Prezi, if you’re interested. I also talked a bit about some of the facts and figures used to make a case for the Girl Effect and about human rights rhetoric, drawing on Wendy Hesford’s awesome Spectacular Rhetorics.

(Visit it here)

2 thoughts on “Girls and Education Prezi

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your Prezi, Kasey. How did the students respond to the content of your presentation/discussion? I’d love to hear about the points that may have resonated most with them.

    • Thanks for asking! The presentation did not go as well as I had hoped, mostly because I tried to cover too much in 50 minutes, but I was really impressed by how quickly students picked up on the way that certain human rights campaigns construct women and children as victims. They also had a lot to say about how valuable their education seems in comparison. One student from the Ukraine had an interesting perspective, too. She said that people in America often think that her country is really repressive, but they also get good educations and that was something that she was thankful for.

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