French Senate Bans Child Beauty Pageants

In further pageant news, according to a New York Times article, the French Senate has passed legislation that would ban beauty pageants for girls younger than 16 years old.  The ban was folded into larger legislation aimed at promoting gender equality, which now moves to the National Assembly for further discussion and a vote. The … Continue reading

Miss America is American (So is Marc Anthony)

Here she is, Miss America! So last night, Miss America was crowned, the first of Indian descent–Nina Davuluri. Unless we’re talking Little Miss Sunshine, pageants aren’t really my thing. I had a moment of “Yay!” and didn’t give it a second thought until I saw that the idiot mob that is the internet expressed its … Continue reading

The Bridge’s Disappointing Twist

Remember over the summer when I was so hopeful about The Bridge and the way the show shed light on the multiple institutions that allowed for the continual mass violence against women on the U.S.-Mexico border, particularly the border between El Paso and Juarez? Oh, I should have known. For the first few episodes, The … Continue reading

Comps Rationale Word Clouds

I’m working on a final-final(?) draft of my rationale and I thought it would be interesting to do some word clouds. Here’s my primary list, Long Twentieth Century Multi-ethnic American Literature: Here’s the devised field, Transnational Feminism and Girlhood:

Comps Notes: Texts in the City

Pardon the trite pun. Also, this might not be as interesting as can be, but keeping notes like this will hopefully help me on those comprehensive exams. Urban Spaces, Class, and Race in 20th Century Multi-ethnic American Literature I’ve not read all the books on my list that take place in the city yet, but … Continue reading