Back to School and Anxiety. Yay!

Hi, all. Blog posts this summer were much lighter than I thought they would be. That, however, is not indicative of how productive my summer was. I actually accomplished quite a bit. My reading list rationale is close to ready for submission. I wrote a chapter for an edited collection with a friend, I revised … Continue reading

Rory, Do.G.

Three years ago today, I picked up my dog Rory. It’s our dog-a-versary, if you will. I often joke that Rory is getting her Ph.D. in Puppyhood Studies with an emphasis on breed and a cognate in squeak toys. She’s a high-strung little muppet and sometimes a hassle, but I can’t quantify how much she … Continue reading

A Comps Contract with Myself

I’m studying for my comprehensive exams, which will hopefully take place in December <fingers crossed>. My area of concentration is Long Twentieth Century Multi-ethnic American Literature (1890-2010) and my special topic is Transnational Feminism, with an emphasis on girlhood. I did my M.A. here and went with the exam option rather than a thesis, because … Continue reading

The Bridge: Maria of the Desert

“But what ‘Maria of the Desert’ proves to me is how much more I care about the world The Bridge has built than the murder that precipitated this entire affair” –Molly Eichel, AV Club “The show is interested in the message the killer is trying to send, but it’s not reveling in the twisted and … Continue reading