Behold the Glory of “The Camp Gyno” Ad.

I feel that no analysis is necessary to explain how badass this is. “It’s like Santa. For your Vagina!” Thanks, not only for the awesome video about girls and menarche, but also for a tricked-out way to welcome girls to womanhood.

Women in Baseball and Movies

Baseball has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Although I’m still getting teased by my mom (a great softball player) for making daisy chains in the outfield in tee-ball, there are many amazing stories about my brother in Little League and in high school he was the greatest … Continue reading

Pinterest, Feminism, and a Museum of the Weird

Last year Amy Odell at Buzzfeed posted an article, “How Pinterest is Killing Feminism,” which spawned related articles such as this one at Feminspire. I’m going to sidestep how annoying it is that everyone wants to say feminism is dead or dying all the time. (It’s alive and well, thanks. And online. #Femfuture) The articles, … Continue reading

Royal Baby: Why I Hoped for a Girl

Okay, I really like Kate Middleton for the mostly superficial reasons any commoner who likes her likes her. I was never big on the royal baby bandwagon, but I still kept hoping for a girl.  When is the last time this royal family produced a girl, anyway? Here’s why: 1) In my mind, this child … Continue reading

The Bridge Pilot: Bodies on the Border

Last night was the much anticipated (for me, at least) premiere of The Bridge, the new FX drama about homicide detectives on the border between El Paso, Texas and Juarez, Mexico. As I wrote earlier, I was curious and nervous about the prospect of a TV show dealing with the staggering number of murders committed … Continue reading

Veronica Mars on the Border

This week my brilliant friend Megan and I submitted a draft of our essay on Veronica Mars and feminism to our editors. (Yay!) As we were brainstorming and planning our paper, I kept coming back to the relationship between fictional Neptune, California and the U.S.-Mexico border. Clearly, I had the border on my mind after … Continue reading