Lindsay Lohan on Letterman

On a much-earned writing break, I clicked over the CNN and saw an interview Lindsay Lohan did with Piers Morgan. Down the rabbit hole I went and ended up watching the interview she did with David Letterman last month (below). I’m just a few months younger than Lohan and, like many girls in the ’90s, became a big fan of hers after The Parent Trap. As her legal troubles and career mishaps became stranger and more complicated, I developed a fascination that I feel somewhat ashamed of. On one hand, I feel like I’m taking part in a toxic and voyeuristic pastime that centers on the troubled lives of child stars. Hollywood often sets young actresses up for trouble and then exploits their problems to sell magazines. (Recently, I’ve been really bothered by Jezebel’s coverage of whatever it is that’s going on with Amanda Bynes. It’s pretty low for a feminist website to shamelessly mock her while also shaming those who try to exploit the buzz.) On the other hand, I really do want to see Lindsay Lohan make a comeback. I’m rooting for her. I actually enjoyed Liz and Dick (though the big glass of vino didn’t hurt).

Anyway, kudos to Lindsay for the class, maturity, and self-awareness she demonstrates in this interview as David Letterman alternates between bullying her and patronizing her. As I sit around in my Free Lindsay t-shirt (yes), sometimes I can picture Lindsay actually pulling out of her troubles and making a legit comeback. I wonder, though, will the media really let her do that?

Thanks for wasting time with me. Back to term papers I go.


1) She can make fun of herself. She’s laughing a lot off and trying to take control of the situation even as it gets increasingly uncomfortable.

2) She’s showing discretion and staying on-point while repeatedly trying to get back to promoting her work. Even if that work is Scary Movie 5.

3) She sounds pretty darned committed to moving on, but Dave won’t hear it and continues to give her pretty condescending advice. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan on Letterman

  1. Wow, I’m actually shocked by what a mean idiot he was being! He would just not let it go. Made me very angry and uncomfortable. She did awfully well considering!

    • I know! I’ve watched this too many times. I’m just entranced by the many facets of rude and uncomfortable. New found respect for LiLo. Yep.

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