The Sally Draper Mystique

Spending the first portion of my summer sick in bed gave me the opportunity to do something I’d been meaning to do for sometime. I reviewed Mad Men in a condensed timeframe, watching particularly for the development of Sally Draper (Kiernan Shipka). I’m drawn to Sally for various reasons. She’s a fascinating character for thinking … Continue reading

Heads Up: The Bridge on FX

Monday night I saw this ad on TV: First of all, it is super creepy, but it also uses the now iconic image of the pink crosses honoring the dead and missing in the Juárez, Mexico feminicide. My interest was piqued, not from an entertainment standpoint, but because I just did an analysis of literary … Continue reading

Summer! Cough Cough

Almost immediately after turning in my last seminar paper of the semester I got sick. I feel like I have a combination of a cold and a battery malfunction. So, I am very excited about some blogging ideas and my own research, but I’m slow getting started because I’ve mostly been in bed watching old … Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan on Letterman

On a much-earned writing break, I clicked over the CNN and saw an interview Lindsay Lohan did with Piers Morgan. Down the rabbit hole I went and ended up watching the interview she did with David Letterman last month (below). I’m just a few months younger than Lohan and, like many girls in the ’90s, … Continue reading

End of the Semester Truth

For me, grad school is just a big roller-coaster. Sometimes I feel like I’m doing great work and sometimes I feel like my head is full of mud. I think that means I’m learning. I hope so. After I’m done with my term papers and grading, I’ll update on how conferences went, summer research, and … Continue reading