Sara Bareilles: Brave

Sara Bareilles is easily one of my favorite working musicians today. I particularly enjoy the way her music swings between really sad songs like “Gravity” and poppy, anthemic songs like “Brave” above. “Uncharted” was my jam when I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life a couple years ago.  I’ve seen her live a couple of times and she’s genuinely amazing in concert. I’m hoping her next tour brings her my way again.

It’s finals and I’m still getting caught up on work after the amazing experience that was the Roundtable of Latina Feminisms, but I thought I’d share this video. I like the song, and think the video is cute because it shows girls being silly and collaborative, creating music and imitating pop stars without doing so in an oversexed sort of way. In other words, the girls look and act their age and the song’s message pairs well. Enjoy! (Of course, it could be better still if there was more diversity. i.e. more than just one token black girl.)

4 thoughts on “Sara Bareilles: Brave

  1. Hi Kasey.

    Once your semester comes to a true close (as student and teacher) and you’ve had some time to breathe a bit, it’d be fantastic to hear about how your two recent panels went. The two conference papers that you posted about sound intriguing and insightful. I’d love to hear what kind of conversation they sparked & how they worked with the other papers that were presented. You know, if you would be interested in sharing that information, of course!

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