Julie Andrews on Princesses

Julie Andrews visited The Colbert Report on Tuesday to promote her newest book The Very Fairy Princess Follows Her HeartStephen Colbert does such great interviews, in my opinion, because he asks what sound like skeptical questions, but actually sets the guest up to explain what he or she is doing in very clear terms for laymen. For example, he gave George Saunders (promoting his collection Tenth of December, which is awesome) a great question about why he writes short stories. In the interview below, he and Andrews have a wonderful, if brief, conversation about the role of princesses in the modern world vs. girlie princess culture. Anyway, it’s worth watching. Disney take note:

Of course there are still class issues and beauty issues and all that are not being considered in promoting the princess culture to little girls, but I do appreciate that she argues that modern princesses are hard working women, not just creatures of beauty and leisure.

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