Girls and Oscar Night 2013

The Oscars are tomorrow! I’m attending an Oscar party hosted by some friends and am fretting over what to pick on my ballot for the pool. It was a great year for girls on film, though! My friend Abby sent me an NYT article, “Hollywood’s Year of Heroine Worship” which looks at the cluster of … Continue reading

Nahid Rachlin: Persian Girls

Yesterday, our campus was visited by Nahid Rachlin, novelist and author of the memoir Persian Girls. Rachlin visited my WGS class and I had the pleasure of having dinner with her, faculty, and one of my colleagues before a reading and question session on campus. Persian Girls tells Rachlin’s story, starting when she was adopted by … Continue reading

Ron Swanson, Feminist: Be My Valentine

First of all, Ron Swanson would not condone Valentine’s Day. It was invented by Hallmark to sell cards. Anyway, as a prelude to a forthcoming post about April Ludgate, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate the feminism of Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Ron, the embodiment of hyperbolic white masculinity (see: Ron’s … Continue reading

Thinspo: It Happened to Me (Via xoJane)

I was on Pinterest looking at health and wellness things. I stumbled over this image (right), nestled between hundreds of pictures of flat tummies and avocados and almonds. Thinspo is the new(ish) euphemism used by pro-ana sites for pictures of (often painfully) thin bodies to motivate or fat bodies to shame. I didn’t know what … Continue reading