Faberry: Further Questions

Last week I finished a chapter on the portrayal of high-achieving girls and women on Glee, focusing mostly on Rachel Berry, but also considering Sue, Beiste, Emma, Terri, and Quinn. I wish I had revised it about, oh, six more times. It was a major case of having more that I wanted to say than … Continue reading

Joy Studies: A Tale of Two Lobsters

I’ve been pondering joy for quite some time but when it came to writing I always stalled. The 100th birthday of Julia Child seemed as good a time as any to put pen to paper. When men find out that I love to cook, about 85% of them respond “Oh, like Julie & Julia!” Julia … Continue reading

Tempe Brennan to Little Girls

I’ve been spending an embarrassing amount of my spare time this summer at one with the Netflix. I would cancel my subscription when school starts if I weren’t sure they would screw me over on fees when I returned. Anyway, one of the shows I’ve been catching up on is Fox’s Bones, staring Emily Deschanel … Continue reading