#SaveBFF on NBC

So, blissfully naive enough to hope that NBC might give Best Friends Forever half a chance, despite scheduling it to premiere mid-season, I recruited many of my real-life best buddies to watch the show and text messaged back and forth with my BFF, Emily, about the episodes each week. I promised strangers cupcakes if they watched (Watch BFF and I Will Be Yours).

I have been walking around for days saying, “Oh you fancy huh?” to myself.

And yet, the show has already been canceled, and to throw salt in the wound, NBC isn’t even airing the remaining two episodes. UPDATE: It has been pointed out that the show isn’t officially canceled. It’s shelved indefinitely (even more reason to show support). Instead of showing the last two eps, NBC is airing Betty White’s Off Their Rockers, a hidden-camera show in which senior citizens play pranks on young people. When I read that, I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit hole or blacked out or something. Pardonnez-mois, mais are you fucking kidding me!?

Sign the petition to save BFF and I will be yours: SAVE NBC BFF PETITION

Leave a personal note explaining why you want it saved. My favorite so far is: “Don’t do it, NBC. Don’t you cancel this show. FIGHTING WEIGHT.” But NBC president Jennifer Salke probably won’t get the joke because she probably didn’t watch the show.

Now, go turn on Best Friends Forever on Hulu, and set it to play all the BFF episodes on repeat for forever. I’m not kidding. Buy the BFF season pass in iTunes so you will forever have the hilarity preserved digitally.

This worked with Community, right? Oh, but that wasn’t about women. Much less created by, written by, produced by, and starring women. Yeah, I went there. I’m sad and cranky. As Sookie St. James of Gilmore Girls would say, I’m smad. (I have nothing against Community.)

NBC sucks at friendship.

2 thoughts on “#SaveBFF on NBC

  1. Two things:
    1) You referenced Gilmore Girls (my favorite show) so I love you.
    2) Just because I’m procrastinating studying for my Latin final and because I was out of things to watch on Hulu and because you begged…I watched Best Friends Forever. I’m on episode three and I love it! I’m so hooked. Which means, now I’m angry and depressed because it’s being shoved out. I will sign that petition and pray every night that the rulers of NBC come to their senses.

    Thanks for bringing this wonderful show to my attention. I’m going to go eat ice cream and cry now that I know it’s being cancelled.

    • Haha, thanks! If BFF had been around when I was taking Latin, it would have been my procrastination method of choice for sure. I’m sorry to have gotten so many of my friends hooked just to have it pulled away too soon.

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