#SaveBFF on NBC

So, blissfully naive enough to hope that NBC might give Best Friends Forever half a chance, despite scheduling it to premiere mid-season, I recruited many of my real-life best buddies to watch the show and text messaged back and forth with my BFF, Emily, about the episodes each week. I promised strangers cupcakes if they … Continue reading

Research Notes on Nancy Drew

I’m in the middle of drafting my paper on Nancy Drew and the War on Terror. Honestly, I’m excited but also having trouble framing my argument without it turning into show and tell: “Look Professor! I know a boat-load about the history of Nancy Drew and even more about girlie culture! Pat me on the … Continue reading

Watch BFF and I Will Be Yours

I bake a lot of cupcakes, so I feel like this is a solid offer. Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? You know, the litmus test for women in entertainment made famous in a comic strip. It simply requires that a film or show feature 1) two+ women who 2) have at least one … Continue reading

Liz Lemon & How to Talk to Little Girls

Last year, I read an essay on the Huffington Post by Lisa Bloom called “How to Talk to Little Girls”. The essay itself is sort of lovely as Bloom describes a dinner party at which she talked with the hosts’ daughter, stubbornly avoiding the topics of clothing or anything else stereotypically girlie. Yes, that is … Continue reading

Watchin’ the Detectives

I could use some of Veronica’s “pixie spy magic” this week. Wait. Let’s think positively. I have pixie spy magic this week. (I think I can. I think I can.) In the morning I head to Boston, MA with a rag-tag band of colleagues for the Popular Culture Association national conference. I am excited because … Continue reading

Walk Slower. Sing Louder. Easter 2009

“Who will roll back the stone for us from the entrance to the tomb?” Mary Magdalene asked as she arrived at Jesus’ tomb (Mk 16:3). Last night at the Easter Vigil, our priest’s homily focused on the ways that we are entombed by what is not of God in our lives and how amid that … Continue reading

Academic Coach Taylor says…

I love this Tumbler (Academic Coach Taylor) and visit it when I’m feeling stressed about school. I keep telling my students, “Clear thesis, strong analysis, can’t lose!” I think this one fits my research and blog quite well. Coach Taylor is such a good dad! I can’t really tell you enough how much I love … Continue reading

Nancy Drew and the Secret Notebook

I’m writing a paper this semester about the new Nancy Drew novels and domestic containment narratives in the War on Terror. On one hand, I’m really excited, but on the other hand I’m kind of ambivalent about the whole thing because there’s already a ton published about Nancy Drew. (Nancy Drew and Her Sister Sleuths … Continue reading